CMP Oilseeds

Expeller Grapeseed Oil

Expeller Grapeseed Oil

Expeller Grapeseed Oil is produced from the expelling and pressing of grape seed. CMP Oilseeds uses a chemical free process of extraction that maintains the natural values of the canola oil. This creates a superior & healthier oil.

Grapeseed is a premium oil for use as a food ingredient and for shallow frying.

Store in a cool, dry and shaded location.

  • Bottled – Various Sizes
  • 20 litre tins
  • 200 litre drums
  • Pallecons
  • Shipping Container (Flexi Tank)
  • ISO
  • Bulk Tanker Loads

Made in Australia from local ingredients.

Free Fatty Acids (%)

Max 1

Colour (AOCS – Lovibond units or Gardner, 1933, where indicated)

Max 7R 70Y (25.4 mm)

Moisture, Volatiles & Impurities

Max 0.3%


Max 200ppm

Various Packaging

Products can be packed in the following formats: Bagged, Bottled or Bulk.

Quality Matters

All of our products originate from sunny Griffith, NSW, Australia.

Customer Satisfaction

We prioritize customer satisfaction through exceptional quality and service.

Export Available

Products are available for export in shipping containers on a C&F, CIF or DCT basis.

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